Alexander Lawrence

Alexander Lawrence

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First Name * Alexander
Last Name * Lawrence
Username * RALawrence
Country * USA
City Alpharetta
Nationality American
Languages English


Current Position Artist;Director;Lighter;Matte Painter;Modeller;Writer / Editor
Areas of Expertise Digital PaintingGames ComputerGames ConsoleGames OnlineGraphic DesignVFXVisualisationWeb Designillustration
Preferred Tools * Unreal Engine 3* 3DSMaxClothFXHairFXMental RayBrazil r/sV-rayPolyboost* Speedtree* Z-BrushMudboxxNormalCrazybump* Photoshop and Painter* Vue and World Machine* Perforce* Premier and Fusion




Alex Lawrence is an artist and an author whose passion is telling stories that matter in settings that inspire. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, USA, where he studied computer science for two years, then changed majors to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunications & Media Studies. He was born in Houston in 1981 but grew up in Austin, the capitol city of Texas.

Alex has been producting digital art since entering high school, at which time he saw Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park and became enthralled with computer graphics. By experimentation and reading numerous manuals, how-to books, and tutorial websites, Alex trained himself to produce digital images at a professional level.

Alex is currently producing an animated short film titled "Tysus & Ziana."